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Shiatsu in case of burn-out

Training Course: Shiatsu & Burn-Out

The new trap of industrialized civilization.

A real epidemic due to changes in the nature of work and lifestyles. Daily demands exhaust individuals : emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The result of an imbalance between, on one hand work overload, stress which becomes chronic, a lack of recognition, various pressures; and on the other hand the lack of resources to refocus, de-stress and recharge our batteries .

Physically and psychologically, this results in an imbalance between the overactive orthosympathetic and the slowed down parasympathetic nervous system.

Burn out, when the mind takes control but the body knows that it is too far from what is right, and one is in disconnection.

From 1969 the term “burn-out” appeared. The psychologist Herbert Freudenberger described burnout in 1974 as a state of exhaustion in which the nursing staff of Free Clinics found themselves, very invested professionally and emotionally with drug addict patients. The Japanese term “karoshi” appears and designates sudden death from nervous exhaustion at work, caused by a heart attack, an event which takes place since the end of the 1960s.

Programm of the Course :

  • Introduction to the 5 Elements insight
  • The evolution of burnout disease and how to get out of it
  • The different aspects of Ki management related to burnout
  • Exercises, meditation, breathing practice
  • Shiatsu treatment
  • Be present in yourself and listen to your needs

Practical information :

Next course in 2024 : 
Saturday September 21
Saturday November 16
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
With: Bart Dierick
Location: Avenue F. Roosevelt 141 in 1050 Ixelles
Price: 120 euros.
Language: French (and English)

There are no Shiatsu prerequisites. This course is open to people who suffer from burn-out (in any of the 3 stages), and also to any nursing staff.
Do not hesitate to ask for additional information!

Or do you prefer directly an individual session Shiatsu burn-out?

This training will be provided by Bart Dierick, director of O-KI Shiatsu School since 1998. Bart has more than 25 years of experience in Shiatsu as a therapeutic approach. Bart is also the author of EmoShiatsu. Life has also given him the experience of feeling the symptoms of burnout. Bart welcomes you with joy and a lot of understanding.

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