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Voice Therapy

The Voice of the Way

Since our birth, our body has been the instrument of our voice and our breath.

Our Voice guides us to a deep vibrational encounter. It guides us to find our anchorage to the earth, to enlarge our vital and energetic space and to regain respect for our being.

The voice acts, resonates and vibrates through the cells of our body and helps us to harmonize our personal vibration with the universal vibration. “The human voice is part of the vibrations that make up the universe”.

It invites us to recreate and rediscover the connexion. To connect, reconnect and make ourselves available to what is true, what is right for ourselves so that we no longer feel duality and separation.

When there is dissonance, there is an emotional-energetic blockage often a source of tension, bodily and/or psychic illness.

By working the voice, the body opens up in what is most essential, thus allowing us to evacuate “what is no longer us” by unraveling frozen emotions, anchored fears and conditioning, decrystallizing the mind. controlling in order to regain and merge in peace and love-essence with that which could not be expressed and recognized in the light of consciousness.

The voice is light energy, consciousness energy that lights our way.

The voice leads us to a birthing of our raw essence, a new birth to self and to the world revealing to us our inner truth and revealing to us our pure and liberated state of being.

Let us dare to live the voice of our way which is the reflection of our vital realization.

Let us dare to be born or reborn to ourselves in the warm Breath, the Love Breath, the Peace and Consciousness Breath.

The work of the voice offers us an encounter, a return to oneself and a real liberation.

Bart invites you to live this experience.

“The approach that I use is very physical, the goal being to pass the physical vibrations of the voice (which you probably feel at the level of the throat if you put your hands there) in the whole body.”

This is done through relaxing shiatsu massage, as well as the use of your own “raw” voice. So it’s quite physical and energetic work.

The result is a greater resonance, a more embodied and poised voice, which leads to an increased ease of being heard, of “being with yourself”. And it always communicates to others.

Practical information :

A session lasts an hour , or an hour and a half.

With: Bart Dierick
Languages spoken: French, Dutch, English, German.

Avenue F Roosevelt 141 in 1050 Ixelles (near the Hippodrome de Boitsfort 1170 Brussels )
Avenue de l’Université 61 in 1050 Ixelles Brussels (near the University ULB)

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