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Yoga in the South of India

In the footsteps of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

guided by Bart Dierick

Welcome to our Yoga Travel to India, with central theme ” the Cellular Yoga of Sri Aurobindo ” : we are not the final product of evolution, after man there is a new becoming.
At only 3 km from the beach and the Indian Ocean, we stay in the beautiful Tibetan Centre exclusively reserved for our group. In a beautiful subtropical setting you will find a real Home, a truly perfect place to unwind and practice yoga.

Every day you can enjoy a professional program of  yoga, pranayama, meditation end concentration,  and the practice of the Integral Yoga as brought to us by Sri Aurobindo.

1) Training in Yoga and Body Consciousness:

– Yoga, the correct posture, asana’s, sensing the force due to a liberated diaphragm. Energetic activation of the glands and the throath-chacra. Development of the “Chi-belt” and the use of controlled hara-force in your daily life.

– The Bandha’s (keys) : opening and closing the 3 Bandha’s in the spine. Sensing support. Mula Bandha, Uddyana Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, Bandha Treya, Bandha Treya Mahamudra. We experience a ‘new body’ : spontaneous flux of energy through the meridians and the whole body.

– Yoga for the eyes.  Yoga for the back.

– Meditation (Dhyana Yoga) and peace of mind. Guided meditation.

– Deep rest: during the Sarvasana-fases we experience a deep innen peace, innen connections and contact with the consciousness of the cells in  the body.

Through this course you receive all the necessities to realize your own energetic force.

 2) Ayurvedic course:  

– The 5 Kosha, the 3 Guna’s, the Ayurvedic pharmacy.

– The 3 life – energies: data, pitta, kapha.

– To become couscous of your own constitution, the personal niet and dauly exercices.

– Enjoy the delicious organic meals. A warm and particulary nurturing encounter!

3) Study of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and their evolutionary vision. The spiritual evolution of men is linked with the physical body. The cellular transformation. How to open oneself for a wider consciousness, and how to integrate this consciousness in the body.

4) Training in Pranayama and Yoga:

Pranayama, the Complete Respiration, Ujjayi Pranayama, Bastrika, Bramhari, Bastrika Sanmukhi Mudra, Visualisation-pranayama, Anuloma Viloma, Kapalabhati, Ohmkara Pranayama. These specific techniques are your personal way to build up a direct and unlimited acces to Prana: pure life-energy.

Change voluntarily your breathing rhythm to a slow and deep rhythm, and your emotional and mental condition will change accordingly. You become more centered and conscious of your real needs. We also learn to keep this new breathing rhythm in daily life, as to continue this state of mind. We learn to become conscious of our unconscious habits and reactions, not through psychological analysis but through spontaneous awareness following yogic breathing.  Then we can feel who we really are and decide freely to become the person we like to be.  A conscious yoga respirational discipline activates all your hidden talents and possibilities.

5) Training in Meditation and Concentration:

– Daily meditation and explanation.

– After permission, visit and meditation at the MahaSamadhi of Sri Aurobindo.

– After permission, visit and concentration in the MatriMandir.

With Bart Dierck, already 28 years on the path towards Sri Aurobindo’ s Consciousness.

Practical information :

Date :  From 24 February till 7 March 2025.

With : Bart Dierick is your guide. Bart stayed over 4 years in Auroville and Pondicherry. The yoga and meditation course is given by a Western teacher with  44 years of experience, and her Indian assistant. Bart also invtes you for regular meditations.

Language : English and French

Where : in the beautiful nature of Auroville and in Pondicherry at sea, South of India.

Hotel : We have the privilege to stay in a beautiful place entirely reserved for our group : a true Home ! The residence offers spacious double rooms, a huge living area, a yoga terrace, a meditation hall and a beautiful garden. The residence is built in Tibetan architecture and situated in a natural park, a perfect setting for yoga, meditation and relaxation.

Temperature : It’s “winter” then, so we enjoy very pleasant weather: dry, sunny; with temperatures around 29° C in the afternoon.

Arrival and departure :  You can arrive later, and you could also stay longer. Please contact us.

This is not a touristic trip. The whole time we are oriented in raising the consciousness of ourselves and of our group. If you search a touristic visit then this program is not an option for you.

Price :
1) Ticket: Flight to Chennai, to be organized by yourself. Ticketing with L&G Travel, Verg. A5601, Price ranges around 750 euros return flight from Brussels. Please contact us for more information.
2) Visa for India: around 24 euros
3) For the whole stay all included from the moment of arrival in Chennai: 1165 euros.

Contact us

Detailed program :

  • All nights in spacious double bedrooms in a beautiful place exclusive reserved for our group. Feel free and at home. The homestay offers a spacious living area, meditation hall, yoga terrace and treatment room. Surrounded by a nice private garden, in a natural setting !
  • All meals : choice in delicious vegetarian and organice meals, and all drinks.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner we eat in different nice restaurants. We can answer to any particular dietary request.
  • All local transport, all transfers and taxis, from the moment you set foot on Indian soil at Chennai airport.
  • The complete yoga and pranayama course
  • Study of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the evolution of humanity, the Supramental Transformation and the cellular yoga
  • After permission, several visits and meditation in the  ” Matri Mandir ” and the 12 petals.
  • An Ayurvedic oil massage and steambath
  • Guided meditations with Bart
  • Devotional chanting
  • Practice of Mental Silence : what it is, how to do it, how to maintain it in daily life.
  • Practical and energetic guidance by Bart, and unforgettable meetings with sadhaks who share their experiences with the Great Yoga
  • Daily pause for personal reflexion, rest and integration; or for personal activities. There is a lot to explore in Auroville.
  • Excursion in nature and discover trip through Auroville, with Bart
  • Visit to the big opendoor swimming pool (with alcaline water) the  subtropicale, the spiritual gardens.
  • Guided visit at the Sri Aurobindo ashram, with collective concentration
  • Visit to the information centre and study of the life of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother
  • Visit at the parfumerie with excellent organic products
  • Visit to the local library offering a wide range of interesting works
  • Touristic visit in Pondicherry with the beautiful local market, the old typical Tamul area, the Hindu temple and the charming  et Elephant, and very charming discoveries in the colonial city.
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