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Individual training course in Reiki & Energetic coaching

Reiki Radiance : initiation & coaching with Bart Dierick

Reiki uses energy activation rites (called initiations) and a series of symbols to channel and direct energy.

There are four levels of Reiki Radiance. I follow the protocol as I learned it in the 1990s from Yukie Yabuki in Japan.  In keeping with the tradition, initiations are only done on an individual basis, as I learned from Yukie.

I have been offering Reiki initiations for over 20 years and have initiated hundreds of people, each time with the utmost care and devotion.  Each level opens up another dimension of life for us, that is, each initiation helps us to open up to another dimension, to be able to perceive it and then integrate it.

The Reiki 1 level, in my opinion, is love for oneself, daring to open oneself to welcome the love that is inherent in existence itself. This implies a change which consists in taking the time each day, to offer attention by laying hands on the body, and thus to evolve towards the consciousness of the cells. Without psychology or analysis, because the present mind does not understand what love is. The being experiences receiving love, which can bring about an obvious good, a huge change in life.

Reiki level 2 integrates our mental capacity, the result of millions of years, our gift to previous beings (evolutionary manifestations). To be human means to take care of using the mental capacities, in harmony with the order of evolution. For this gigantic experience we have been given all freedom, which sometimes pushes us towards horrors and even the extension of our species. Reiki 2 offers us a way to use our mind in a harmonious way. Instead of thinking, we deal with geometric shapes and precise sounds.

And here is something that is beyond me, these shapes and sounds produce a tangible effect in our daily life. It’s something to experience because I can’t find any explanation for it. A great joy … with infinite applications, such as helping ourselves and others, animals and plants, purifying places, harmonising our personal past, our memories, and preparing events in the future. Reiki 2 is about action in everyday life.

In Reiki level 3, we dig into another layer of our being inside. The personality and all that we believe and have learned is exposed to doubt. Who am I? What am I doing here? One touches the mystery of existence itself. It is a period of deep questioning, without psychology, but in life itself. One could say that we open ourselves freely to let go the personality of our past, and to discover who we are really. To become who I am, and not what others, my past, my environment have made me to become. Through the initiation of Reiki 3 one receives all the courage and strength that this evolutionary process requires. We open completely to the Light and Love of Existence itself, and to accept it wholeheartedly.

Reiki level 4 is the training to follow to become a teacher, to be able to initiate other people and to be at their side without imposing your opinion. To be there for them, to help them to be able to perceive and think independently and to live fully in harmony with existence.

With each level comes a proposal for what I call “a gentle discipline”: a list of typical exercises in the Reiki tradition to be done in daily life. One of the many illusions in spiritual development is the belief that there is no need for practice to ensure the continuity of energy flow

I take a lot of time for each initiation, in Reiki level 1 for example we will be together for nine hours of intense work. Also particular in my approach, each level is closed with a session specifically for that.

I welcome you,


Presentation of the Reiki 1 initiation & coaching:

This is the programme of the first REIKI 1 level initiation with Bart Dierick:

9 hours on an individual basis, six weeks of exercise and discipline.

You will receive the four traditional Japanese initiations of Reiki 1, on an individual basis

And you will learn :

  • the basic energy techniques
  • the complete reiki treatment by laying on of hands, good intention, breathing, postures, and the sequence of a session
  • the theory and practice of chakra and aura healing
  • the energetic matrices that underlie our being
  • the theory of the creation of matter by non-matter
  • energy healing through Reiki 1, and discipline

The objectives :

  • to devote more time to the priorities of life
  • turning attention inward (feeling)
  • learn to love yourself more (acceptance of love)
  • to know your own shadows that block your happiness, to examine the circles of repetitive thoughts, and the inheritance of hereditary codes or the past in general
  • accept your shadows through the technique of light and understanding
    use your own shadows through the personal power of transformation
  • better understand and accept yourself, the past (ancestral) and others (mirror of ourselves)

Reiki is a Japanese term meaning Universal Life Energy. Reiki is an ancient healing method, described in the 2500 year old sutra’s written by a disciple of the Buddha. This method was rediscovered in the 19th century by the Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui.

By the laying on of hands, or from a distance, the energy flow is activated. This energetic balancing produces a feeling of well-being, stimulates the body’s self-healing powers and promotes personal development.  Emotional healing has a special place in the therapy. This technique is very effective in relaxing the body and releasing tension. It increases the vital energy of the body and thus creates a balance between the physical and etherical body.

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Reiki training level 1

With : Bart Dierick is a 4th degree Reiki Master, and Reiki Teacher since 1998. He is initiated in Reiki Radiance by Yukie Yabuki in Japan.

When: The Reiki 1 level takes place over a minimum of 6 weeks. We start with an opening ritual, a moment of meditation in distance. Then a distance harmonization by me, and a preparation by you over about three weeks. Then two half days of initiation, with a minimum of three weeks of intense practice (minimum one hour per day). We finish with a review session and the closing of the course.

Price: the Reiki 1 course costs 590 euros (including the 9 hours of individual tuition).

Registration: Only after contact with Bart

Languages spoken: French, Dutch, English, German.

Location : in 1050 Ixelles and in 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort Brussels, Belgium
And also in the South of France, Pyrénées Orientales, France.

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