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Qi Gong

Monday 10:30 am
Thursday 6 pm



Monday 7 pm


& Yoga

Wednesday 7 pm


Reiki practice

Bart & Lana
Thursday 7 pm

Health movements according to the foundations of QiGong in Brussels

Qi Gong is a traditional Chinese discipline over five thousand years old. “Nature is constantly in motion, man must constantly strengthen himself” (from the Yi-King)

Qi means energy, breath, and Gong means work, achievement. Literally, Qi Gong therefore means “Mastery of Energy”, or “Breath work”.

In China, these health exercises have been practiced for millennia with the aim of balancing and mobilizing vital energies. In Qigong, movement is the visible aspect. However, the objective of this discipline goes well beyond movement since it is, among other things, about developing deep inner well-being and feeling your body breathe and live.

Because to develop and maintain itself, the body needs movement. Sometimes, due to advancing age or withdrawal from active life, the body becomes devitalized due to lack of movement. Practicing health exercises then takes on its full importance.

This is a slow and gentle practice, derived from Qi Gong, which everyone can exercise according to their possibilities. The movements that will be proposed require little or no physical effort.

I would like to share with you this beautiful fine and subtle practice, in an atmosphere of kindness, joy and listening to oneself.

Practical Information

With : Geneviève Delhaxhe

Date and Time :
Every Monday from 10:30 to 11:45 am
Every Thursday 6 to 7:15 pm.
Except school vacations. You can come to class at any time.

Place :  Av. F. Roosevelt 141 , 1050 Ixelles

Participation : 15 euros per session, or 12 euros per session with the 120 euro card for 10 sessions.

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Relaxing Raja Yoga & Meditation with Bart Dierick

Offer yourself  a beautiful evening to calm your anxious mind, to strengthen the energy in your body and to open yourself more to the Divine consciousness inside and outside you.

Through Raja Yoga we will practice:
– a series of gentle yoga asana and hatha yoga postures.
– breath activation and Pranayama
– meditation focused on calming the overactivity of the anxious mind.

Through the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo we will cultivate:
– Karma yoga: finding the connection to the Divine in one’s actions
– Bhakti yoga: cultivate devotion to the Divine outside and inside of ourselves
– Jnana yoga: yoga of Knowledge, by reading a text followed by meditative silence.


Some feedback we got :
– Thank you Bart, it was wonderful 🙏 I realized when I was walking back to the station how I’m breathing much better, I could really feel the difference ✨ P.
– Marvelous! I never experienced such a yoga, it’s really unique Bart, thank you! O

Practical Information

With : Bart Dierick, practicing Yoga and Meditation for more then 30 years.

Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm :
17,24 April
15,22 May
5,12 June

And from 25 September onwards, every Wednesday exept during school holidays.

Cost : 20 euros per session , or 17 euros per session with the card for ten sessions at 170 euros (valid one year).
Address : Avenue F. Roosevelt 141 in 1050 Ixelles. Near the Hippodrome de Boitsfort 1170 Brussels


Silent Retreat in a beautiful Manor from 26 till 28 August 2024

Yoga Journey to India from 24 February till 9 March 2025

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Training : Eye Yoga

Eye Yoga is a psychophysical art developed to re-educate the visual apparatus. In this method we find techniques to preserve and improve sight, reduce stress on the eye muscles, learn to nourish the eyes with good breathing and healthy eating.

During this course you will learn to integrate gestures and habits into your life for a more conscious and clearer vision of your being according to oriental medicine and the holistic vision of the O-KI school.

Practical Information

With : Bart Dierick

Dates : Sunday 24 March 2024

Time :  from 10 am till 5 pm

Lieu :  Avenue F. Roosevelt 141 – 1050 Ixelles

Price  : 90 euros.

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Téhima : Mondays at 19:00

The Tehima, Harmony in Hebrew, is a set of moving postures that correspond to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This gesture is linked to the symbolism, calligraphy and dynamics of each letter. She works on the anchoring, the elongation and the breathing of the tissues, the breath, giving an intention in the part of the body in resonance with the letter and being part of a macrocosm/microcosm relationship.

Natacha Simmonds offers you here a cycle which will follow the progression of the letters as they appear in the alphabet. They will set our body and soul in motion!

Practical Information

With : Natacha Simmonds

Monday evening:
Date : 22 January, 19 February, 11 March, 8 April, 13 May 2024

Time : from 7 to 8:30 pm. You can arrive 10 minutes before class.

Prerequisites : Participation of the full cycle is highly recommended.

Location : Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 141 in 1050 Brussels ( near Hippodrome Boitsfort – station Boondael ).

Price : 25 euros per session

Language : French & English

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Open Reiki practice

Open Reiki evening with Bart Dierick.

Bart was initiated as Reiki Master in 1996 by Mrs Yabuki in Japan.
It is his wish to bring reiki practitioners together. We can practice together, let Consciousness and Love radiate through us all, exchange our experiences to learn from each other and become even better Reiki practitioners.

These sessions are open to all Reiki practitioners with minimum Reiki level 1.

Reiki with Bart Dierick

En pratique

With Bart Dierick, Reiki Radiance Master 4th level

Dates 2024 : for the next dates, please contact us
Time : from 7:15 pm till 9 pm. Please reserve.
Address:  Avenue F. Roosevelt 141 , 1050 Ixelles, near the ‘Hippodrome de Boitsfort’.

Participation : 20 euros

Reiki treatment with Bart Dierick

Training and Initiation with Bart Dierick

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