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International Shiatsu School & Centre for Body Therapy and Holistic Harmonization under the direction of Bart Dierick since 1998.
Recognized by the National and European Federations.
Trainings – Workshops – Travels – Treatments

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O-KI Team

Bart  Dierick

Founder and Director of O-KI
and of the O-KI Shiatsu School

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O-KI : Body Therapy Centre


Cranio Sacral

The heart of our approach is the inner receptive Presence. We help you to reconnect with your own sensorial perception and your inner world. During a session, your body and mind can relax and reconnect again with your inner ressources.


Our approach


O-KI Shiatsu

The 9 types of O-KI Shiatsu with their typical soft approach of the person, work on the 3 levels of Being. It’s unique ” leaning touch “ allows a profound harmonisation of the energetic axes and acupressure points of the person.


Training Course


Shiatsu Chair Massage

A real holiday – moment in your daily life ! While you are seated in a relaxed position on our therapeutical shiatsu-chair, you receive a relaxing and revitalizing treatment. In our praxis, at home or in your office.

Our Treatments

Training Course



Discover your inner peace , find your balance and natural wellbeing by pampering your feet ! Our foot reflexologist proposes you our harmonising treatment, based on the insights of Chinese medecine and the 5 elements. Basic Training Course with Bart.


Training Course


Yoga – Meditation – Merkaba

Stress, rigidity, cramps? Take your health in your own hands by participating our weekly courses: Qi Gong every Monday, Yoga and Meditation every Thursday. Enjoy also our monthly Sri Aurobindo Meditation and the Merkaba Meditation with Bart.

Weekly Classes

Yoga in the South of India


Reiki Radiance

We propose you our Reiki sessions and training on an individual basis, since 1996. We learn to open for an energy that is larger and more conscious then our present state. We can realise a more authentic life, in harmony with our inner world.


Training Course



Shiatsu & Burn out
Shiatsu & Cancer
Yoga for the Eyes
The 8 Wonder Meridians
Shiatsu & Voice
Yoga in India


Silent Retreat



This is the end of the chair shiatsu course. Didier does it very well! And I already have an assignment in a company! Thank you for your help. K

A big thank you to Didier (our great chi!) and thank you all for the friendship I felt during this course. Bye for now! B.

Thank you very much Bart, it's very good, I'm doing a lot of O-KI shiatsu at the moment. The effects are very strong and I can tell you how much confidence I have in what you are giving us, and the spirituality and simplicity you are allowing me to access. It is very inspiring. Thank you, E

Dear Blue, I look forward to hearing more. Shiatsu is for me a very strong source of well-being and fulfilment and I am delighted to continue this path with you... See you soon. I.

Hello Didier, it was a very good weekend, you have a very pleasant way of teaching. It gave me a lot of desire to help me feel my body better. O

Hello Bart, Thank you for your course on sensitive people. For putting words, and positive words, to disturbing, incomprehensible phenomena that I always thought I had to fight. I completely feel the need and interest to connect to the vertical axis. During your treatments and trainings, I discovered this and then lived it at my own pace. And since then I have been getting better, I have been discovering harmony little by little. More than 15 years of therapy with psychiatrists had not achieved this result, even though I recognise the usefulness and benefits of these treatments. But something was still missing. Thank you very much!

Hello Bart. It was really very enriching in every way this week, there was indeed a lot of sharing of love and friendship, it was very touching, I'm not used to all that. I don't know if it's the change in diet but I can tell you that I feel a big difference in my energy today. I am happy and reassured that it is with you that I am going through this. Thank you for your support and help. J

Tonight's metal kata exchange. Nice exchange! Again, after having given the metal kata several times already, I received it for the first time yesterday. It is very powerful. Especially the massage part on the descendants and ascendants... a great adventure! I send you good vibrations. P.

What a week full of learning of all kinds, both on shiatsu and on a personal level! Thanks to you Bart, it is really a wonderful gift to follow this training with you, what a chance, a big thank you, B

Konnichiwa Bart san, I wanted to say thank you for the reflexology! It was a very nice moment, good atmosphere as always, very relaxing...See you soon Y.

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