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+32 476 999 421

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The O-KI Team

Our mission is to help you find and help you maintain your connexion to the source  of KI.

O-KI is a professional group of  qualified practitioners :​

  • Bart Dierick is the founder, director and manager of the O-KI centre since 1998. He learned and practiced Shiatsu, Yoga, Reiki, Reflexology and Meditation in Belgium, Japan, India, USA, Thailand, Switserland and Canada. Bart is practitioner, therapist and teacher in Shiatsu, O-KI Shiatsu, and Structural Shiatsu. Bart created EmoShiatsu and Shiatsu&Voice.
    Bart and his Shiatsu School are recognized by the National and European Shiatsu Federations and he received the Shiatsu Teacher A++ certificate.
  • Didier Foucart is a happy father of 5 children and a professional Shiatsu teacher. He offers therapeutical Shiatsu treatments and Shiatsu for children. He is a professional Shiatsu teacher and gives professional trainings at O-KI Shiatsu School.
  • Natacha Simmonds offers the regular sessions of Téhima : the rythmic danse of Hebraeic Letters & their meaning.
  • Laurence  is a certified O-KI Shiatsu practitioner, and gives the workshops ” Shiatsu in case of Burn-out “
  • Geneviève Delhaxhe had a career of 40 years as a conflict-manager, is office assistant at O-KI, and offers her weekly Qi Gong courses for seniors every Monday morning. She studied Cranio Sacral Auto Dynamics and offers private sessions in this harmonizing and healing bodytherapy.
  • Valentine Brackx is yoga teacher and is professionally active in the field of education. She is a certified teacher in Hatha Yoga (RYT, India) and Ashtanga Yoga (RYT, India). She studied Shiatsu at the O-KI school and continues to deepen herself in this Art of Touch Valentine loves life and works with dedication. She has the gift of feeling the body and its subtleties and gives excellent sessions in Shiatsu. In French and in English.
  • Blue Saturday Kechichiglonian, is American-Indian and gives relaxation and revitalisation treatments in Shiatsu. He also teaches basis courses O-KI Shiatsu, and he developed the training course Shiatsu in case of cancer. In English and French, in 1050 Ixelles and in 1180 Uccle Brussels.
  • Gunther Vandeven, is a professional classic musician and a professional certified Shiatsu practitioner. He gives treatments in relaxing, revitalisation and therapeutical Shiatsu, and gives O-KI Shiatsu training courses. Gunther speaks fluent Englisch, Dutch, French and Italian.
  • Isabella Reati is an artist actif in social projects and a facilitator of creative expression workshops. She gives the Mantra course during our Yoga Holiday in India.

When you contact us, by phone, whatsapp, email, skype, messenger, or texto,

Bart will guide you to the therapist that answers best to your need.​


Bart Dierick

Shiatsu and Therapeutical EmoShiatsu Practitioner
Founder and Director of O-KI Centre for Bodytherapy and of the O-KI Shiatsu School
Manager of O-KI
Creator of the Healing technique EmoShiatsu

Phone 0476-999.421

Bart Dierick (1965) studied Relaxing, revitalising and regenerating Shiatsu in Europe and Asia. Bart is always in search for more knowledge, practice, wisdom and inner truth. He lived for 9 years in Asia and studied Zen Shiatsu at several schools in Japan. He is initiated in the 4th Master Reiki level by Yukie Yabuki in Setagaya, Japan. He lived more then 4 years in India and formed himself in different spiritual disciplines. Bart was a Therravada buddhist monk in Thailand. In Indonesia he practiced traditional dance and he made a long pilgrimage on a cycle from the Ganges in India to the Nile in Egypt.

Always in search to deepen the integration of Consciousness, he has followed and integrated many courses and trainings in Healing, Psychotherapy, Alchemical Relaxation in France; Relaxation Therapy, Aikido in Japan, Switzerland, Belgium; PNL, the Work, Yoga in India, Canada, Hawaii; Vipassana Meditation in Thailand, and Zen in Japan, Merkaba in Canada and Egypt, Flower of Life, Biological Decoding, Voice Dialogue, Zen Shiatsu in Japan, Osho Yoga in Costa Rica, Voice Therapy, Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga in India, Eckart Tolle, Barry Long and his work on balanced sexuality, Vision Quest in France, Arizona; Being Well in India; Ayurveda in South India; artistic therapy according to the method of Arno Stern in France. He studied anthroposophy and the pedagogy of Rudolf Steiner in Dornach in Switzerland and in Stuttgart in Germany. Recently Bart took courses in Feldenkrais with Michel Casanova in France and Archaic Reflexes and Movements with Roser. He follwed courses inTéhima, the dance of Hebraic letters, Soul Rcovery and the opening of the Pericard.
Before that he studied at the American Hotel and Motel Association and was active in the hospitality in France, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia. He worked for several years in a bank in Belgium and was a consultant in Malaysia and Singapore.

Bart has his own practice where he gives sessions by appointment. He opened his educational centre O-KI Shiatsu School in 1998 in Brussels.

He developed EmoShiatsu and Shiatsu&Decoding. Bart is co-creator of ” Shiatsu & Voice “. He is recognized as an A** therapist and as a teacher in Cycle 1,2 and 3 by the FBS (B) and ESF (Europe). He is a 4th degree ‘Master’ in Reiki and he gives Initiations in Reiki Radiance Coaching, according to the Japanese tradition in the Yabuki lineage.

He managed for 10 years his center of spiritual stays and meditation in the south of France (Pyrenees), where he is still every year for retreats in nature.

Yoga, aikido, shiatsu, reiki, meditation, energy discipline and relaxation have a central place in his life, and from there comes harmony in his daily life. He welcomes you to come and enjoy all the benefits of his experience through an individual Shiatsu session, a Reiki session; or to follow a Shiatsu workshop or a Shiatsu, Reiki, Merkaba training, or his Transformative Yoga class and Sri Aurobindo meditation. Bart will welcome you with great joy. Living life consciously gives us the power to face more difficult times in life. Bart also leads initiation courses in O-KI Shiatsu and Chair Shiatsu courses and Shiatsu therapeutic training in the 3rd year of the professional Shiatsu Training. Bart manages O-KI, a beautiful association with 7 practitioners, having as goal to service humanity towards the evolution of a larger awareness of Consciousness.

He gives himself the mission of awakening, of impregnating, the cells of matter and of the physical body with a higher, more luminous, more present and more true consciousness. The knowledge and practice of Shiatsu, meditation, energy exercises, the application of yin and yang in cooking and life in general, and the practice of integral yoga have become a way of life for him. With great enthusiasm he invites you and encourages you to share this beautiful journey. Bart speaks French, Dutch, English, German and has notions of Spanish and Italian, Thai and Japanese. ​

Bart and the colleagues of his team welcome you to the offices: in Ixelles, Wezembeek-Oppem, Uccle and Watermael-Boitsfort.

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