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O-KI Shiatsu professional & accredited Training Course

Shiatsu Professional Training Course 2023-2024 :

Evening course from 02 October 2023 - Weekend course from 12 January 2024

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You can follow our Shiatsu Training Course out of personal interest, to stimulate your own personal development, or as the foundation for your own Shiatsu Professional Career.
After completing the course and the requirements to pass the exams, you receive the accredited Certificate ” Shiatsu Relaxation Practitioner ” issued by the Belgian Shiatsu Federation, recognised by the European Shiatsu Federation.

Our vision: We invite you to reflect on the question ‘what is health and how can we improve it’. How does a healthy body feels like? Is health just the exclusion of sickness or do we long for more?
In modern life, we are so indulged in mind activity that most of us are not aware of the physical nor the energetic body.  We only notice the body when something goes wrong er when we feel pain. During this course, you learn to feel and to sense the physical and energetic body at all times. This way, we can remain in touch with our physical reality, nurture a complete sense of well-being, and we can be ready to develop ourselves as professional Shiatsu practitioners.

What will we do?  The first thing we learn is to be able to relax our self. Our own level of well-being determines the sense of well-being of the person we’ll treat.
We reflect on the true meaning of health. We learn to be attentive to our resources, and how to use them to enlarge our base for our well-being. We learn to be present in the here and now, in your physical manifestation.

The O-KI Shiatsu Style is characterized by a respectful approach towards the person, his-her energy state and with a complete respect of his-hers integrity.
We take the time to listen before we offer the treatment.

O-KI Shiatsu is performed by gentle pressure and slow movements, which – contradictionary to some belief – trigger deep action in the energy flow of the meridians. We respect the order of nature, by working on the harmonization of the interconnectedness of the five elements of which the body is constituted from.

Our Shiatsu follows therefore not a linear approach, but a unifying approach; that is to say that we seek to understand the play of creation through the five elements.

Through the Holistic approach you become part of the solution. So we establish an environment favorable to healing by discovering a new balance in the perpetual movement of the five elements. This happens on a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level.

This is the base for the Shiatsu Training. We develop our own energetic faculties, which we use as then as the base to develop the specific Shiatsu techniques and practice.

We are dedicated to offer you:

  • Quality education and professional education techniques
  • The price includes all charges – no unpleasant surprises
  • Dedicated staff and teachers
  • Integration of KI in all aspects of the training
  • Respect for each other’s integrity
  • Connection with nature and with the natural seasonal cycles
  • The vision of the complete healthy state, as the reference in every observation and every treatment
  • First the body, then the mind
  • Union of Eastern and Western values and ways of perception
  • Honoring our basic idea : don’t fight against disease but strenghten the energy and the vitality of the person
  • Address yourself to the potential of cellular consciousness, the intelligence inherent in every physical cell
  • Relaxed attention directs the flow of energy
  • O-KI Shiatsu School was established in 1998 by Bart Dierick. We gladly share 25 years of Shiatsu Training & Coaching with you!

The way of O-KI Shiatsu:

What is good for me ? What is good for my physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being today ?

To support our health we apply the five pillars:

  • Personalised diet (every person is different in his-her needs)
  • Conscious breathing discipline (pranayama as the base for conscious growth)
  • Correct body awareness and exercise & receiving regular body treatments
  • Harmony in thoughts & emotions (alignment heart and mind)
  • Practical spirituality (becoming aware and enlarging the presence of one’s soul in daily life)

If you find yourself in the above, we welcome you heartly to become a professional Shiatsu practitioner!

Practical information

Structure:  In total 110 hours tuition, which are structured in 4 consecutive Modules.

Price with reduction : all paid in advance : 1.200 euros

  • or in 3 times: 360 at the start + 460 before 1 December/March + 460 before 1 April.
  • or for each module: 380 (Module 1) + 210 (Module 2) + 250 (Module 3) + 490 (Module 4). Payable before the start of each module.
  • Included: Extensive Textbook (+125 pages), all classes and the correction of your case-reports.

Missed classes : classes you didn’t attend can be followed next year, with a maximum of 5 classes for free. If you like to come for more then 5 classes, the cost is 30 euros per class.

Reports: To help you in your practice, you are given the opportunity to establish 50 reports of 50 treatments. They are checked and, if necessary corrected. This way we can follow your progress personally and give you feedback in order to improve your shiatsu practice.

Exams are not compulsory. There is a theoretical (written and oral) and practical test. The price is 120 euros. When you passed the exam of the National Federation with good result, followed at least 80% of the classes, and finished with good result the 50 reports, you receive the official Shiatsu certification ” Shiatsu Relaxation Practitioner ” of the Belgian Shiatsu Federation; recognized by the European Shiatsu Federation ESF and in all European member countries.

Address:  Our beautiful Shiatsu hall lined with wooden floor: Avenue F. Roosevelt 141 in 1050 Ixelles Brussels. It’s just next to the Hippodrome of Boitsfort. We offer free parking space. We are very easily accessible by tram (8,25) and train (railway station Boondael or Boitsfort) or cycle. Direct train connection in 11 minutes from Bruxelles-Luxembourg, Schuman,..). Some classes might be given in our other Shiatsuhall at Avenue de l’Université 61 in 1050 Ixelles Brussels.

All Information & Enrollment :
Bart Dierick direct Phone or WhatsApp number : +32476-999421

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Evening course - starts 02 October 2023

From October 2023 till June 2024 at 141 Avenue F. Roosevelt 1050 Ixelles.
Easy accessible by car ( Free parking), tram (8,25) or train station Boondael or Boitsfort (11 minutes from Bruxelles-Luxembourg, Shuman) or by excellent cycling track.
Evening from 6:15 pm till 9:15 pm and occasionally Saturday from 9 am till 4 pm.

Module 1 :
Mon 2 Oct 2023
Tue 3 Oct
Wed 4 Oct
Mon 23 Oct
Tue 24 Oct
Wed 25 Oct
Mon 6 Nov
Tue 7 Nov
Wed 8 Nov
Mon 18 Dec
Tue 19 Dec
Wed 20 Dec

Module 2:
Mon 15 Jan 2024
Tue 16 Jan
Wed 17 Jan

Module 3  :
Mon 26 Feb 2024
Tue 27 Feb
Wed 28 Feb
Mon 4 March
Tue 5 March
Wed 6 March

Module  4 :
Mon 29 April 2024
Tue 30 April
Wed 1 May
Friday 3 May
Saturday 4 May from 9am till 4pm
Mon 17 June
Tue 18 June
Wed 19 June
Friday 21 June
Saturday 22 June from 9am til 4pm

Exam :
Sunday 8  September 2024 from 10 am.

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Week-end course - starts 2 January 2024

From January till June in week-ends and a few evenings.
Evenings from 6:15 pm till 9:15 pm.  Saturday daytime 9 am till 4 pm.

Module 1  :
Frinday 12 January 2024
Saturday 13 January
Friday 19 January
Saturday 20 January
Friday 26 January
Saturday 27 January
Friday 9 February
Saturday 10 February

Module 2 : 
Friday 1 March
Saturday 2  March

Module 3 : 

Friday 5 April
Saturday 6 April
Friday 12 April
Saturday 13 April

Module  4 :
Monday 29 April
Tuesday 30 April
Wednesday 1 May
Friday 3 May
Saturday 4 May
Monday 17 June
Tuesday 18 June
Wednesday 19 June
Friday 21 June
Saturday 22 June

Exam :
Sunday 8  September 2024 from 10 am.

To our Next Initation Course

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Year Program

Module 1:

  • What is relaxation? Complete Health as the real reference in Life.  Energetic principles and techniques.
  • The discipline of a true shiatsu relaxation practitioner.
  • Shiatsu & Consciousness. The Universal Consciousness & practical application in daily life. Awareness and Sensing Techniques.
  • Breathing exercices &  training. Meditation Techniques.  The use of KI.  Energetic Body Training.  The Makko Ho exercices and the Makko Ho adapted to the Western Body. Kokyo Go.
  • Introduction to Body Treatments. How to touch in Shiatsu massage?
  • The complete Basic Treatment: the back, the neck, the schoulders, the head, the face, the arms, the torso, the belly, the hips, the legs, the calves, the ankles and feet and toes. Soft Shiatsu Techniques.  Rocking Technique. Basics of Anatomy.
  • Observation Methods & Therapeutic Techniques.  Energetic embryology.  The use of  ‘yin and yang’ in daily life.  Basis Principles of a Harmonic Diet, Cooking Techniques and Wisdom of Nourishment.  Philosophy of the Eastern Art of Healing & Medicine.  Introduction to the Eastern way of Healing.



  • The basics of every Body related Therapy : The Art of Presence , Meditation , Awareness , Consciousness and Breathing. Self-reflexion.
  • The Eastern Vision: Man as a manifested Consciousness, an energy connecting Heaven and Earth. How is the Body created, from an energetic point of view? As a Consciousness which materialises in Matter. What is “Conscious Matter” ?
  • The Electromagnetic Field as Origin, the formation of tissues and cells. The energy condenses in energy-streams.
  • The formation of meridians and the physical body (the inner universe) which is in correspondance with the outer universe (planets, constellations, evolution). How to calm the nervous system, how to harmonise the ‘thinking man’, how to come into Silence, and staying in that Realm.
  • Allowing yourself to Sense. Being in ‘ Presence ‘. Ritual to make contact with the client and client’s body. To sense the body without touching physically. To sense the body internally. Energetic observation of the body.
  • Energetic Techniques: ‘Rocking’. The fascia, the joints.
  • Introduction to the element Earth: the centre of the 5 elements. Anchorage: being connected to the ground, the planet, your own roots and supports. Reinforcing your own centre.
  • Deontology. Energetic protection during and after Treatments.  Development of our 12 senses (6 inner and 6 outer)


  • The DO-IN exercices and Auto-Shiatsu.  Observation of the Hara (belly) and ampuku. The Hara zones. Capacity of sensing kyo , o-ki , jitsu.
  • The Chinese Clock and the Energetic Cycle of the Meridians. The Makko Ho exercices and the Makko Ho adapted to a Western Body.
  • Study and practical application of the 5 Elements : theoretical knowledge and practical application in daily life.  The Sheng and Co Cycles, among others.
  • Contra-indications according to the 5 elements in Shiatsu treatments. The 5 Transformations and the 5×3 Emotional Conditions.



  • Sensing and Knowing. The 7 Levels of Consciousness.
  • Study and intensive practice of the 12 basic Chinese meridians. To know the meridians, we avoid a mental approach but rather as an energetic identification: to feel and sense the energy stream. Applied  knowledge and identification to your own body and the client’s body.
  • The 84 basic Tsubo: the basic acupuncture points. To feel, sense, and know the Tsubo’s. To be able to use them in a correct and logic treatment, in harmony with the client’s needs.
  • Introduction to the Zen Shiatsu of Masunaga. The Zen Stretchings.
  • The 28 general Stretchings which help  to open the energy flow in the body.
  • Integration.
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