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Shiatsu Chair Massage

Professional Training in O-KI Chair-Shiatsu (Sitting Massage) : Level 1

Our training courses are recognised and accredited
by the National and European Shiatsu Federations (ESF).

Happy to present to you our professional training course, we are glad to share with you 25 years of experience!
At the end of this training you are capable of giving a professional Chair Massage of 15 to 60 minutes.

This type of massage is usualy given in your praxis or massage centre, or at public events such as markets and fairs, at airports and public spaces, and in companies and offices…or just at home to share with friends and relatives.  The  possibilities are endless and this makes this training an exceptional good asset in your professional development and career.

Program of the training : you learn

  • to prepare yourself in a professional way with energetic exercices , meditation, correct breathing techniques, as to build up your own energetic condition,
  • to organize a treatment, to structure a massage session,
  • how to position your own body, the different posture during the different techniques,
  • to work with ki instead of using your own energy
  • a very wide range of chair shiatsu techniques
  • the important shiatsu points & the contra-indications
  • the complete treatment, including the techniques to work on the neck, head, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, back, lower back and sacrum, hips.
  • the stretchings
  • how to end a treatment professionally
  • the deontology and the juridic aspects

This course is open to all, no advance training is  necessary. For students who are member of the federation, all hours are accredited as the Professional Training Program  (PTP)

Recently, a new legislation was voted, to help employees how to deal with psycho-social stress at work. This law is about more then violence or harassment and covers much more : stress, psychological aspects as fears, depression, burn-out, insomnia, etc …

Successful companies invest in their workforce as they are the core of the organization. They understand by doing so, the company will keep its most important asset : people. More and more companies find Chair Shiatsu an excellent means to motivate and help the workforce. It is proven that a regular Chair Shiatsu, given by a professional practitioner, is an effective and low-cost response to solve the stress level, which is connected with the high demands on people.   Moreover, it shows the sincere effort to enhance the level of involvement and care for the working force.

Professional Training in O-KI Chair-Shiatsu (Sitting Massage) : Level 2

After having followed Level 1, you can reach a truly professional standard with Level 2.

The first part of this level is dedicated in reaching perfection in every detail and every technique. After that, we then train you in giving the complete treatment, which in the beginning takes even more then 30 minutes,  in maximum 15 minutes. This gives you a very deep confidence, which gives you a solid base to give professional treatments.

You also learn Ki-exercices and you learn how to be able to give several treatments at a glow, without exhausting your own energy but to be connected to the flow itself, in other words without mind-stress.

We continue then with the exam (not compulsory). To receive the certifcate, you need to pass the theoretical and practical exam, and establish minimum 15 treatments which you document with a written report. This way you learn to work on different people and are able to ask us for any advice.

Practical information : Level 1

With: Bart Dierick, offers more then 25 years shiatsu experience

Next course: Friday 20 & Saturday 21 October 2023

Timing:  Friday 6:30-9 pm & Saturday 9:30 am – 4 pm

Where:  Avenue F. Roosevelt in 1050 Ixelles Brussels

Price: 145 euros.

Price with reduction: Chair Level 1 + Chair Level 2  + Exam + Certificate  =  260 euros.

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Practical information Level 2

Admission: only after Chair-Shiatsu Level 1

With: Bart Dierick

Date:  Sunday 22 October 2023

Timing: from 10 am till 4 pm

Address: Avenue F. Roosevelt 1050 Ixelles Brussels

Price: Level 2 is 135 euros , including the Exam and the Certificate

Total price with reduction:
Chair Level 1 + Chair Level 2  + Exam + Certificate  =  260 euros.​

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