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+32 476 999 421

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Shiatsu Initiation

O-KI Shiatsu Basic Course in Brussels

This course offers you an excellent introduction to Shiatsu and a profound practice of the basics of Shiatsu, including the basic full-body treatment.
You will become more relaxed and your condition will have a solid base to improve.

Through this course you learn :

  • The art of Touch
  • The basic techniques of Shiatsu
  • To give and receive the full basic ‘kata’ treatment
  • How to relax?
  • Acupressure and stretchings of the back, legs, head, neck, shoulders, arms, hara, feet. In different postures : sitting, supine, prone.
  • The right posture and pressure.
  • The professional deontology
  • We also practice energetic exercises, DO-IN, makko ho, meditation, breathing exercises and stretchings as to become more aware of yourself and your body.
  • The principles of yin & yang, the holistic approach, shiatsu theory and basic healthy nutrition.

An ideal course for people who want to practice pleasant energetic bodywork or as a first step to the professional O-KI Shiatsu Year Training.​

Basic Course O-KI Shiatsu in Brussels

With : Blue Kechichiglonian

Date :  from 24 till 26 February 2023

Time : Friday 6:30pm till 9:30pm + Saturday & Sunday 10am till 4pm

Admission : Open to all.

Where : Avenue F. Roosevelt 1050 Ixelles Brussels

Price : 210 Euros

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Basic Shiatsu course : Social Project with Bart Dierick

With : Bart Dierick shares +20 years of Shiatsu experience with you !

Date : October 2023

Time : Friday 6:30pm till 9:30pm + Saturday & Sunday 10am till 4pm

Admission : Open to all.

Where : Maison Josefa, 30 Rue des Drapiers, 1050 Ixelles Brussels

Price : Social project in cooperation of ‘ Foundation Josefa ‘ , participation is only 120 Euros

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