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Our addresses

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Next workshops :

  1. Cooking class for a balanced lifestyle in Brussels – November 11 :
  2. Winter weekend & healthy cooking and shiatsu : winter shiatsu treatment, moxa, ginger compress – open to all – 24,25,26 November :
  3. Yoga for the Eyes – December 17 :
  4. Merkaba meditation weekend in a beautiful Manor in the Ardennes August 30 – Sept1
  5. Shiatsu oncology, in French and English
  6. Shiatsu in case of burn out,  in French
  7. Voice work & Shiatsu weekend in a beautiful Manor. In French, Dutch, English 3-5 May
  8. Yoga in India with Bart 11-23 February 2024
  9. Shiatsu in Costa Rica, January 2024, in French

Healthy balanced Macrobiotic cooking in Brussels

& Relaxing Winter weekend with healthy cooking & Shiatsu with moxa and ginger compress

Macrobiotic cooking class = balanced cooking that makes you balanced!
In Ixelles or in the Ardennes.

During these cooking workshops we discover the basics of macrobiotics, and we’ll learn to integrate macrobiotics in practice, adapted to modern life.
We focus on a practical approach. How to integrate the principles of macrobiotics and cooking based on the knowledge of yin and yang, in modern life?

Each class is adapted to the season.
The themes:
– Your compass to guide you towards harmonious health
– Relaxing food to counter a stressful life, in case of burnout
– Healthy desserts
– How to compose a balanced plate
– The 7 conditions of health

During the residential courses in the Manoir de l’Aube near Namur, you will enjoy cooking lessons with Sabine, and shiatsu lessons with Bart.

Pratical :

With: Bart Dierick (shiatsu) and Sabine von Wirén (macrobiotic cooking)

Macrobiotic cooking course in Ixelles 1050 Brussels :
Winter Menu : Saturday 11 November (2-5pm)
Price: 35 euros including the course and the complete meal.

Winter weekend to relax and regenerate :
Macrobiotic cooking & shiatsu in a beautiful Manor in Naninne
With Bart you’ll learn and practice the Shiatsu Winter meridians (kidneys ans bladder) to warm up Body & Soul for the cold season, ginger compress and moxa.
With Sabine you’ll learn and practice the Winter cooking according to the macrobiotic principles. Delicious, balanced and warming.
Open to All
Date : From Friday 24 (4pm) till Sunday 26 November (5pm) 2023
Price : 370 euros all included in full board (470 in single room)
Address :  We have the whole Manor with beautiful garden for ourselves. The Manoir de l’Aube is 10 minutes drive from Namur (Belgium). A beautiful manor of the 18th century, completely renovated. Pictures: see below of this page.


Yoga for the Eyes

Eye Yoga is a psychophysical art developed to re-educate the visual apparatus. In this method we find techniques to preserve and improve sight, reduce stress on the eye muscles, learn to nourish the eyes with good breathing and healthy eating.

During this course you will learn to integrate gestures and habits into your life for a more conscious and clearer vision of your being according to oriental medicine and the holistic vision of the O-KI school.

This yoga workshop for the eyes wants to focus in particular on:

* Relaxation

* The stimulation

* The elimination of tensions

You will learn :

* a kata (treatment) to relieve eye fatigue,

* breathing techniques,

* Hatha yoga postures,

* an emotional rebalancing technique with the eyes,

* self-massages of the reflex zones of the foot and the acupuncture points around the eyes.

Next Eye Yoga Training

With: Bart Dierick
Date : Sunday December 17 ( 10am till 5pm)
Location: Avenue F. Roosevelt 141 – 1050 Ixelles
Price: 100 euros

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