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Next stages

  1. Merkaba meditation at the Belgian coast ( De Haan ) : May 20 & 21
  2. Yoga for the Eyes : January 22
  3. Shiatsu in case of cancer and tumor : March 11
  4. Shiatsu in case of Burn Out : February 18

The Merkaba Meditation with Bart Dierick

to the North Sea

During this workshop we will meditate and do visualizations and feelings, we will work with Sacred Geometry, the Fibonacci sequence and the golden curve; the tones of Ghandarva, the connection between left and right brain, as well as quantum consciousness.

The Merkaba or MER KA BA is an energy field that moves at very high speed and which promotes your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development. This workshop will make you feel that your body still carries the memory of the MER KA BA field that enveloped it and which could reach a diameter of 18 meters. We can reactivate it through strengthening the lower chakras, deep grounding, applying sacred geometry, and opening the heart chakra. We follow the practice of the 17 Breaths of the Merkaba in the direct tradition of Drunvalo Melchizedek.

The benefits…you strengthen your contact with yourself, and therefore your immunity. A more conscious breathing rhythm therefore a more peaceful digestion. You would have more mental relaxation and therefore more constructive thoughts. More aware of your central axis and therefore more centered and grounded. More in touch with your heart, grounded in inner security, and therefore more open to a life guided by Love, which is the basis of your very existence.

Upcoming training in Merkaba Meditation

With: Bart Dierick

Dates: Saturday May 20 and Sunday May 21, 2023

Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: I invite you at the Belgian coast.

Price: 180 euros


Yoga for the Eyes

Eye Yoga is a psychophysical art developed to re-educate the visual apparatus. In this method we find techniques to preserve and improve sight, reduce stress on the eye muscles, learn to nourish the eyes with good breathing and healthy eating.

During this course you will learn to integrate gestures and habits into your life for a more conscious and clearer vision of your being according to oriental medicine and the holistic vision of the O-KI school.

This yoga workshop for the eyes wants to focus in particular on:

* Relaxation

* The stimulation

* The elimination of tensions

You will learn :

* a kata (treatment) to relieve eye fatigue,

* breathing techniques,

* Hatha yoga postures,

* an emotional rebalancing technique with the eyes,

* self-massages of the reflex zones of the foot and the acupuncture points around the eyes.

Next Eye Yoga Training

With: Bart Dierick
Date : Sunday January 22
Location: Avenue F. Roosevelt 1050 Ixelles
Price: 100 euros

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